Recruitment Strategies To Successfully Grow Your Company

For many small and medium sized businesses [SMBs], finding and recruiting employees when the company needs to grow can be a tough process.

It takes a huge amount of time, and money.

The CEB surveyed over 900 recruiters, and 6,000 hiring managers at the end of 2017. They found that the time to fill an open position has increased by over 50 percent since 2010. They also found that the average vacancy can cost a larger company up to 500 dollars per day, due to lost productivity and expensive hiring tools.

If the wrong candidate gets hired, the US Department of Labor estimates that it will cost a company at least 30 percent of the candidate’s first year earnings.

It’s a mistake that SMBs can’t afford to make.

That said, there are effective ways for small businesses to hire talent that help reduce hiring costs and risk, and improve the success of their recruitment process.

Boolean Search

One challenge that many businesses, particularly SMBs, face is attracting passive candidates. If someone isn’t actively looking for a job, they’re less likely to end up on the careers page of a small company than a big one due to the larger company’s brand name recognition.

One way to find qualified passive candidates is through using a Boolean Search. Looking for employees this way can be effective as it gives you control over the keywords (often including job title and seniority), the location you’re hiring for, past companies a candidate has worked for, and more.

Using Boolean Search on Google. Image source:

This method of finding potential candidates for your roles is a way to apply a high level of granularity to your candidate search. It’s still a popular way for recruiters to find candidates.

Unfortunately, it’s not without drawbacks.

It’s relatively complicated for new users, and can be difficult to grasp at first. The relevancy of results can also be low. You will still miss out on candidates due to the inefficiency and high chance of false matches found with all types of keyword searches. This method also doesn’t allow you to necessarily see which candidates are interested in roles or not and is likely to result in wasted time.

Buying CVs/Resumes

Another method of finding candidates is buying CVs or resumes from a third party company who have acquired them through a job site. The candidate CVs you receive may be relevant to the position, but due to the nature of the way they were sourced, won’t be a good source for your hiring needs. Candidate CVs received in this way will likely have simply been found through a keyword search onto a CV database, but with no significant reason why they’ll be a good fit.

Buying potential candidate CVs is also not compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which should be a concern for all companies operating in the European Union or dealing with customers based there!

Job Boards

Posting on job boards can be an effective way to put your vacancy in front of candidates who are actively searching for a new job opportunity. If everything works out, you could get some relevant candidates applying for your role in a short span of time — in which case, the high spend could be worth it.

However, you rely on your job board of choice being the one that your ideal candidate is browsing, at the right time for them to see your job advert. They also can get very expensive, very quickly, if you decide to advertise on many different job boards at once. Recruitment agencies can get around this by having deals in place to reduce the cost of posting for them, but this requires significant resources, beyond the capacity of many SMBs. This results in job posts getting lost beneath ‘Sponsored’ job adverts from large recruitment agencies.

Popular job boards and similar job sites include Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, and more.

An effective way to use job sites and job boards in your hiring process is by posting to them through recruitment software like SymbaSync.

Once you post your job on SymbaSync, you can advertise it on 100+ of the most trafficked job sites in the market you’re hiring in.

This way, you can ensure that your job post is seen by the right candidates at the right time. Your vacancy will have the visibility it needs, and eliminating wasted advertising spend.

Recruitment Software

In the majority of cases, the best option for a SMB will be to use software that helps with their recruitment process.

This could include a tool like an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), or an all-in-one recruitment tool like SymbaSync. The drawback of many ATS’s is that they don’t provide fast, accurate results. They do provide structure, which can be a benefit, but it doesn’t make sense for a SMB to purchase an ATS when they are likely to only be hiring a couple of people per month or every 6 months.

Contact top matching candidates for your role straight from an instantly generated shortlist of top talent matching your exact criteria.

SymbaSync provides companies with accurate and verified data on candidate skills, workplace culture preferences, salary range, and everything else that you’d usually need to wait until the first 15 minute phone interview to find out.

All of this information is provided in a simple, easy to navigate candidate shortlist.

Contact top matching candidates for your role straight from an instantly generated shortlist of top talent matching your exact criteria.

This means that your company can spend more time talking to great candidates, and less time screening and reading CVs.

By taking into account both skills and company culture in the early stages of your hiring you can find the best people for your company quickly. This not only reduces employee turnover, but reduces the overall cost of recruitment. For SMBs this is of high importance.

When you post a role on SymbaSync, you will tap into a network of thousands of candidates, both active and passive.

Passive job seekers using SymbaSync have a great response rate when companies reach out to them which means you can have confidence that when you see a top candidate, they’re interested in your offer.

As well as access to a global talent pool, your job gets advertised on 100+ job sites. This means your job gets the exposure it needs to be filled with a great candidate for your company.


Growing SMBs have several options when it comes to hiring new employees. It makes sense to consider all options — however when time and money are valuable assets it makes sense to use.

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